Blinkist: Read in the Blink of an Eye

Have you ever thought it’d be possible to capture knowledge with just a blink of an eye? Well, then you haven’t heard of Blinkist, a revolutionary knowledge, swallowing reading application.


I discovered Blinkist while browsing through my Instagram feed, and I have always fancied other methods of learning, it changed my perspective on reading books digitally. Initially, I had spent hours on the application stores and several applications forums seeking for an alternative non-subscription model, but this search was only a means to an end. The nature of the application really caught my eye, but with every application – they have a hidden agenda.


Blinkist runs on a subscription model, where they offer two different packages. At 3.99 and 5.99 a month, it convinced me to use the application and to me. However, the pricing was too good to be true. For me, I subscribe to many applications – but the one feature I despise is making a one-time payment. They don’t offer any other packages or monthly subscriptions, Blinkist only uses one-year subscription models.


Nonetheless, for individuals who love to read and are unable to accommodate time to reading lengthy-biographies, or other non-fiction books. This is one application for you to consider subscribing to. Blinkist does offer a three day trial for their application, I highly recommend everyone to take up this opportunity to get deep and down with their blinks.

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The Fuss Over Supreme

You’ve all probably heard about the clothing brand Supreme. All kinds of articles of clothing, from hats to shirts, have been not only represented by A-list celebrities, such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber, but also day-to-day folks on the street. It’s a huge line with a lot of unique and stylish articles, and the man behind the name is James Jebbia, a current New York resident with two kids. Supreme launched its first store in 1994 on Lafayette Street in New York and takes pride in its “scrappy skateboard lifestyle empire”. The line is expanding and gaining popularity, so there are shops in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and now there’s talk of Paris.

The Paris announcement has started an uproar amongst Supreme fanatics because their worried scaling their favorite brand will lose its “homegrown cult appeal” charm. However, James isn’t having any of the commotion and is simply refuting the commotion by pointing out the shops in other countries mentioned before, like Japan and the UK. Online, Paris is one of the leading cities in sales, giving confidence in sales increase.

He also mentioned travelling to Paris several years ago and noticing a huge skate culture thriving in the area, giving costumers reassurance that Supreme isn’t going to lose it’s charm.

Something really interesting about this brand is that it caters to it’s audience, meaning it integrates the surrounding culture into the design of the clothing, making clothing accessible to the public’s taste. In short, the clothes in Tokyo will differ from the clothes in LA will differ from the clothes in London, which is really unique and one of the reasons the brand remains a success. Jebbia claims that his brand “makes things people want to wear — not in fantasy land.”

Jebbia knows exactly what he’s doing, and his loyal costumers should put more trust and faith into him. Supreme’s longevity comes from its distinctive flare, so remember what Jebbia says, “People might think there are a lot of brands in the world like ours, but there aren’t” and that will be its saving grace.


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Featured Images by Supreme Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook and preview



A preview of Adidas’s Dystopian Showcase

A dystopian exhibit has been opened in New York and Los Angeles, as a part of the innovative brand’s marketing scheme. The exhibit includes the work of several artist, who’ve created their works based on their interpretations of the future. The exhibit, identified as the ‘future capsule’, features a collection of different art styles from digital art to soundscapes.

There was little expectations earlier this year from the short film released by Adidas by Terence Neale, which featured Cleveland Cavalier Star Iman Shumpert, Model and blogger Aleali May and a number of other DJs, Singers and Designers. Have a look here at the short film below if you haven’t had the chance yet!

The short film by Adidas was the beginning of their ‘future’ campaign, and the exhibition is second in line to their new campaign. The exhibition is currently on-going in Los Angeles and will be open until March 13th, so if you live in the LA, head down to the Seventh Letter and be a part of history. For the latter who are don’t reside in Los Angeles. Have a peak into Adidas’s ‘Future Capsule’ exhibition!

Courtesy of Adidas Originals


Courtesy of Tyler Scott/HYPEBEAST


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Featured Image by Adidas Originals

Psychedelic Prodigy of Los Angeles: Doja Cat

In the recent months, web crawlers have come upon an eighteen-year-old prodigy from Los Angeles. Ami Zandile goes by the alias of ‘Doja Cat’and is not your typical R&B artist. Zandile as an artist has produced several well-known tracks such as ‘So High’ & ‘No Police’, and her music has received  a multitude of popularity through Soundcloud and media platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook and Youtube.

I was first introduced to Doja Cat’s song, ‘So High’ by a friend. The incorporation of Doja Cat’s angelic voice into the extremely evocative instrumentals caught my attention. Heads up, the backing track to her song ‘So High’ is Falling Leaves, an instrumental track by Evil Needle. It’s just the beginning for this young artist and with time Doja Cat will eventually make it to the spotlight. You can check out Doja Cat’s music on her Soundcloud or alternatively endeavour your soul into her psychotomimetic music video, ‘So High’.

Here’s a bonus video of for any of you readers to indulge in:

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Sheer brilliance of 1975’s New Album Artwork


I would like to begin this publication by giving an applause to Samuel Burgess-Johnson & David Drake. These two individuals, both holding separate roles, are the pioneers of 1975’s new album “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It”.

Art Director Samuel Burgess-Johnson & Photographer David Drake collaborated to produce two neon sets of photographs. These photographs are taken in several conceptual backdrops with neon signs that illustrate each individual song title on the album. Well, what are we waiting for? Take a look at this amazing collaboration between the creative director, renown photographer & the band, the 1975.

See more of David Drake’s work here. Samuel Burgess-Johnson’s site is here.

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Featured Image by David Drake & Samuel Burgess-Johnson