Psychedelic Prodigy of Los Angeles: Doja Cat

In the recent months, web crawlers have come upon an eighteen-year-old prodigy from Los Angeles. Ami Zandile goes by the alias of ‘Doja Cat’and is not your typical R&B artist. Zandile as an artist has produced several well-known tracks such as ‘So High’ & ‘No Police’, and her music has received  a multitude of popularity through Soundcloud and media platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook and Youtube.

I was first introduced to Doja Cat’s song, ‘So High’ by a friend. The incorporation of Doja Cat’s angelic voice into the extremely evocative instrumentals caught my attention. Heads up, the backing track to her song ‘So High’ is Falling Leaves, an instrumental track by Evil Needle. It’s just the beginning for this young artist and with time Doja Cat will eventually make it to the spotlight. You can check out Doja Cat’s music on her Soundcloud or alternatively endeavour your soul into her psychotomimetic music video, ‘So High’.

Here’s a bonus video of for any of you readers to indulge in:

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