A preview of Adidas’s Dystopian Showcase

A dystopian exhibit has been opened in New York and Los Angeles, as a part of the innovative brand’s marketing scheme. The exhibit includes the work of several artist, who’ve created their works based on their interpretations of the future. The exhibit, identified as the ‘future capsule’, features a collection of different art styles from digital art to soundscapes.

There was little expectations earlier this year from the short film released by Adidas by Terence Neale, which featured Cleveland Cavalier Star Iman Shumpert, Model and blogger Aleali May and a number of other DJs, Singers and Designers. Have a look here at the short film below if you haven’t had the chance yet!

The short film by Adidas was the beginning of their ‘future’ campaign, and the exhibition is second in line to their new campaign. The exhibition is currently on-going in Los Angeles and will be open until March 13th, so if you live in the LA, head down to the Seventh Letter and be a part of history. For the latter who are don’t reside in Los Angeles. Have a peak into Adidas’s ‘Future Capsule’ exhibition!

Courtesy of Adidas Originals


Courtesy of Tyler Scott/HYPEBEAST


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Featured Image by Adidas Originals


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